Two construction workers hammer in turn, almost rhythmically onto the face of a building. Their pace is uninterrupted, there are no questions asked. The never-ending loop of construction-deconstruction, distilled in the heavy swings of the two workers on the rooftop of an Indonesian ruin is projected onto the windows of an old Viennese government building.

On the one hand this aesthetic process of deconstruction makes believe that the old structures are broken down, on the other hand the constant looping of the video resets their effort.

Screen Shot 2016 05 29 at 21.05.51  Screen Shot 2016 05 29 at 21.06.04  Screen Shot 2016 05 29 at 21.06.15  Screen Shot 2016 05 29 at 21.07.02
Deconstruction Site_Vordere Zollamtstraße_Vienna 2015

HOLA 854