“FLAT WHITE OPEN am Hannovermarkt” is a three-day open space concept realized at Vienna's "Hannover market". Two neighbors and artist friends try to use the existing structures of the Hannover market and transfer their workspace there.

In contrast to the well-known White Cube, where the artistic process is not as important as the artistic product, the recipient´s reaction to the exhibited artwork is not the primary interest. FLAT WHITE OPEN wants to be an open space for interaction and exchange. A slot in the market area is temporarily rented and materials from the market are artistically used for work in this minimal housing/working space.

FWO day1    IMG 0911

FLAT WHITE OPEN_Intervention at Hannovermarket_Vienna 2016

Another important aspect is the inclusive nature of the project that encourages bystanders and recipients to become part of the artistic creation process.

In order to make the event a real open platform, the whole process is recorded as well as live streamed online. FWO stays true to its name: open - self reflected, flat - wide...

FWO night   IMG 20160423 182431







Project by Carmen Fetz und Anna Watzinger

VIDEO extract of the livestream