Prolog#1 is an interactive video-installation in the old town of Hall, Tirol. It doubles and criticizes the omnipresent surveillance and asks for self-determination in this context. It seems that constant surveillance has become widely accepted for the sake of security, while awareness of the consequences is low.

In contrast to the passive role of the people in this context Public Seeing grants the passerby the possibility to create their own video which is projected on a big scale.

The participants are granted options, for example switching the active camera, and therefore become the creators of their own surveillance video, while being constantly publicly exposed in doing so.

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Prolog#1_Public seeing_Video Projection_in collaboration with KUNSTtransPORT and Johanna Huter, Carmen Fetz, Johannes Bodner, Matthias Nicolussi-Castellan; at Haller Night Seeing_24/10/2014